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My spa day turned into a vet visit

Grumpy meows today, So Friday, Rick's sis Doris and that Miley dog came to visit, and I knew something was up. Every time she comes it's a CATastrophe! She brings in a crate and before I knew it, I was trapped and pissed. She even takes pictures and video of my ordeal.

This was NOT the spa day I was promised.

I went thru a forced vet visit Friday for my CEO company physical at Lakeway Animal Hospital. Dr. Wheeler was cool, but there was nothing nice about what I went through. Tests, pocking, and prodding.

Where was my massage, paw~ticure, and sauna?

And on top of that fiasco, I had to cancel the Friday Catnapping 101 seminar cause this vet thing took all day! No worries non-furry people planning to attend, this seminar will be rescheduled asap.

Well I'm healthy & passed my company health screening, and can carry on my CEO duties. (except for the ear infection for which I am undergoing treatment.) That will require more love, frequent cat naps AND food!

No further health details will be provided since I am protected by (My Pet Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) . By the way President Trump, I'm still awaiting your answer to my request for your position on pet insurance.

In any case, I'm back on the job, still licking down my fur.

Time for a catnap.


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