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The Fur Flew at the Shop Today

OMG! Monday morning was a "CATastrophe! Got the Dietz guys clocked in, on the job, and began monitoring the plant's operations, when Rick's sister Doris comes in with her dog Miley. This Miley dog comes in wagging the tail thing, acting like he owns the place, sniffing my space, nibbling my food, and acting like he likes me. Well, that got my fur ruffled big time. He could be a spy! I promptly exited that scene to visit a CNC and lick down my fluffed up fur.

Next the team has a meeting, and I'm hearing this dog is applying for "ShopDog" position. Really? This Miley dog is an overweight food eating, napping machine that doesn't even come close to the skill sets I bring to the table. Miley dog is in the plant acting all "cute" getting pictures done of him, and tracking saw dust in the office. I mean is that called working?

I'm now outside wandering around regrouping, still licking the fur down, and ready to "re-accommodate" that dog and turn in my notice, and get my "golden parachute" (per my contract). I see Miley Dog and Doris are leaving . I'm hearing something like the negotiations broke down due to benefits and a sign on bonus! Are you kidding me?

So my friends, I'm ready to lawyer up, and want to let that Miley Dog know he can

bring it, cause last time I checked, Cats Rule!

You'll be hearing more my friends,


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