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Shop Cat's World

It's my time to share the Dietz Wood Design Company news, from the furry point of view.

Yep, you're seeing my pictures on the website or facebook, and it might look like I'm catnapping and not on the job. But I know everything going on here.

Stuff you want to know.

What you don't know is, I'm working the night shift at the factory, doing the work Rick, Colby and Tanner obviously can't do, and that is mousing. I'm a pro.

As CEO I'm the most valuable part of the Dietz Team, and frankly don't get the recognition I deserve. That's why I'm doing this blog. To meow up!

Yeah, I get love and food, but I want to encourage other working cats to meow up!

Got news to share soon. Check back. Got to take a power catnap!

Meow my friends,

Shop Cat

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