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Grumpy meows today, So Friday, Rick's sis Doris and that Miley dog came to visit,  and I knew something was up.  Every time she comes it's a CATastrophe! She brings in a crate and before I knew it, I was trapped and pissed. She even takes pictures and video of my ordeal.

This was NOT the spa day I was promised.

I went thru a forced vet visit Friday for my CEO company physical at Lakeway Animal Hospital.  Dr. Wheeler was cool, but there was nothing nice about what I went through.  Tests, pock...

EVENT:Mousing 101 for the non~furry  (not to be missed)

WHEN: Saturday July 8, 2017  2am~3am

WHERE:: 353 Rocktown Road  home of my business Dietz Wood Design Company

ATTENDANCE registration is required, there will be a waiting list.  visit  my Facebook page   @dietshopcat  or my twitter account @ceoshopcat    (Mike C ~ you're preregistered as  my VIP guest)   Hey Facebook, there is no mousing category for event posts. Really? Mark Z. this needs to be addressed!...

June 16, 2017

Non-furry people, herein are my feline cat rules and regulations

This list is not comprehensive, and will be updated and modified based on MY mood at any moment in time.

I am the most furry CEO in the world!

I will be referred to as CEO Shop Cat

I will have made available to me for any and all services rendered:

unlimited catnip

fancy water in bottles (not from the US)  German streams only.

canned food only ~ and not Friskies (sorry Friskie makers but your stuff sucks)

Kibble of only the elite brands (...

Posted originally via Facebook @dietzshopcat  and twitter @ceoshpcat June 10, 2017

Hey Facebook, where the heck is the darn pet event category?

Anyway, Meowy Saturday all,

Coming Friday June 30, 4-5pm my event is

Shedding 101 for the non-furry.

Attention non-furry people with furry friends, (or those just curious). This event is a not to be missed. I, CEO Shop Cat, will demonstrate fur shedding and you will observe and learn. This is highly technical and not recommended for little kid people.


Can you hear Me Ow now? 

You are invited to my catnapping 101 for the Non-Furry

I will be hosting a seminar & demonstration on "cat napping" for the non-furry.

(not kid friendly, since kids already know how to "catnap"

Date June 23, Friday 1pm to 2pm

Location:  In my favorite chair at Dietz Wood Design Company

Google for a map,  you can't miss it  353 Rocktown Road,

where all the noise and sawdust is!

No fee, however donations of cat food are welcome and make sure it's the good stuff!

Reserve your...

Well, it's time, and I'm upping my game. I still don't have the right collar, and the Dietz team is showing up late making me wait by the door, and taking long lunches  The CNC machines are just way too dang loud.  Where are my earplugs? Oh and I don't have a door key guys.  How is it a CEO doesn't have a key?

I'm  rocking social media big time  (tweeting, and facebooking), and on  Linkedin, so I can shop

my resume which includes extensive knowledge of CNC machining and m...

So the guys got my new collar in.  Sharing a picture of it.  Snazzy huh?  But I know they forgot the most important part.  It needs to say CEO  Shop Cat.  That will be a reorder ASAP.

Guess you can tell my fur is a bit ruffled today, and here's why.  I  was hearing a conversation Rick has with his sis Doris about a vet appointment.  I'm already feeling this in NOT where I want to go.  I just don't know about Doris.  She doesn't order the collar right, then wants to vet m...

MEOW  my friends with and without fur.  We just set up a connection to the fabulous

people with the Humane Society of Jefferson County TN.  My blog page has a link

to their website, and a donate button to provide for my fur friends in need.  Please consider a donation no matter what the amount.  Thanks for your support of my fur friends, and if you're a pet friendly company, please consider doing the same!  

Time for a catnap I'm off the clock!


Shop Cat


Dietz Wood Design Comp...

OMG!  Monday morning was a "CATastrophe!  Got the Dietz guys clocked in, on the job, and began monitoring the plant's operations, when Rick's sister Doris comes in with her dog Miley.    This Miley dog comes in wagging the tail thing, acting like he owns the place, sniffing my space, nibbling my food, and acting like he likes me.  Well, that got my fur ruffled big time.  He could be a spy!  I promptly exited that scene to visit a CNC and lick down my fluffed up fur....

A view from a CEO, Cat Executive Officer at Dietz Wood Desing Company

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April 23, 2017

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June 16, 2017

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