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The CEO Cat Executive Officer meows

So the guys got my new collar in. Sharing a picture of it. Snazzy huh? But I know they forgot the most important part. It needs to say CEO Shop Cat. That will be a reorder ASAP.

Shop Cat's new Collar

Guess you can tell my fur is a bit ruffled today, and here's why. I was hearing a conversation Rick has with his sis Doris about a vet appointment. I'm already feeling this in NOT where I want to go. I just don't know about Doris. She doesn't order the collar right, then wants to vet me, and worst of all she tries to get her Miley Dog a job at the shop. This will not happen on my watch!

and still waiting........

Oh, and one other thing; getting these guys here to open the door and get to work is a nightmare. I'm here before they are, ready to work and supervise. How can I carry out my duties when I'm left waiting and waiting by the front door. Really? Guys, this will come up at review time trust me. Just saying. Why wasn't I given a key?

More to come readers!

I'm waiting, and waiting

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