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Catnapping 101 for the non~furry

Can you hear Me Ow now?

You are invited to my catnapping 101 for the Non-Furry

I will be hosting a seminar & demonstration on "cat napping" for the non-furry.

(not kid friendly, since kids already know how to "catnap"

Date June 23, Friday 1pm to 2pm

Location: In my favorite chair at Dietz Wood Design Company

Google for a map, you can't miss it 353 Rocktown Road,

where all the noise and sawdust is!

No fee, however donations of cat food are welcome and make sure it's the good stuff!

Reserve your space now, attendance is limited.


This is intense, so not kid friendly. I will demonstrate the skill of cat napping, and you non furry people are invited to observe my techniques.

Hey Rick,, Colby and Tanner, be sure you leave me a key, cause I know you guys leave early on Fridays.

PS Mousing 101 for the non-furry WILL be rescheduled for those who could not attend!

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