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Mousing 101 for the Non~Furry

EVENT:Mousing 101 for the non~furry (not to be missed)

WHEN: Saturday July 8, 2017 2am~3am

WHERE:: 353 Rocktown Road home of my business Dietz Wood Design Company

ATTENDANCE registration is required, there will be a waiting list. visit my Facebook page @dietshopcat or my twitter account @ceoshopcat (Mike C ~ you're preregistered as my VIP guest) Hey Facebook, there is no mousing category for event posts. Really? Mark Z. this needs to be addressed!

This educational event is for non furry adults (not kid friendly) who want an inside look at me, CEO Shop Cat demonstrating the art of mousing, aka hunting mice/rodents on the Dietz plant property.

This is highly technical and a rare opportunity to learn and observe my skills. There will be NO rodent consumption. This is strictly catch, play, release. That way I can recatch them.. (Rodents don't set well with my sensitive digestive system and leave a bad aftertaste too)

Dark clothing necessary, and NO cameras, videos, or recordings of any kind allowed!

Any non~furry peeps not complying will be evicted from the event and my life.

Please remember to bring my favorite food, none will be provided for you peeps.

I'm the one doing the work, right?

Oh, and significant cash purchases of Dietz Wood Design products is required! I'm high maintenance and have to hustle their stuff to meet my own furry needs. You know how it is!

Transportation, you are on your own, cause that Honda thing that Colby and Tanner use

doesn't work in the summer.

Expect a long line, and there may be delays if I'm in the middle of a catnap, eating or bathing myself.

Dietz guys, be sure to leave a key, since I'm still waiting for you to get me one.

Why is it the CEO still has no key or i-phone? Really?

Meow me with questions,. or call my Dietz people, or 1-800-shopcat


xoxoxo CEO Shop Cat

PS: be sure to sign off on my social media contract and rider prior to attending.

o attending.

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