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The fur hits the fan

Well, it's time, and I'm upping my game. I still don't have the right collar, and the Dietz team is showing up late making me wait by the door, and taking long lunches The CNC machines are just way too dang loud. Where are my earplugs? Oh and I don't have a door key guys. How is it a CEO doesn't have a key?

I'm rocking social media big time (tweeting, and facebooking), and on Linkedin, so I can shop

I'm waiting, waiting guys

my resume which includes extensive knowledge of CNC machining and management skills. Oh and I have retained a lawyer. Well it's Olive, who is my lawyer Jen's dog. I'm going to be a virus or viral or something. OMG is that Hollywood calling? I'm shopping for an agent. If you know of one, get them hooked up with me. That's 1-800-Shopcat. But wait, I still don't have a cell phone. Ok, well leave a message, and my people will get back with your people. Meow

Yep, the fur is getting ruffled.

Stay tuned for updates.


CEO Shop Cat

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